PICASSO and Spanish Modernity, at Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence Tuscany from 20 September 2014 to 25 January 2015


From the  20 September 2014 to 25 January 2015, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, organised a great exhibition dedicated to Pablo Picasso and his influence and interaction with the leading Spanish artists as  of 20th century painting, Pablo Picasso.


The florentine exhibition will present a broad selection of works by this great master of modern art and the reflection on his influence and interaction with such important Spanish artists as Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Juan Gris, Maria Blanchard and Julio González.


The exhibition Picasso and Spanish Modernity shows ninety works by Picasso and other artists: paintings, sculpture, drawing, engraving and film. Some very famous masterpieces presents at the exhibition: Woman’s Head (1910), Portrait of Dora Maar (1939) and The Painter and the Model (1963) by Picasso, Siurana, the Path (1917) and Figure and Bird in the Night (1945) by Miró and Dalí’s Arlequin (1927), along with Picasso’s drawings, engravings and preparatory paintings for his huge masterpiece Guernica (1937). The exhibition presents works have not been displayed outside Spain in such vast numbers before now.

For Informations Tel. +39 055 2645155,

For Reservations Sigma CSC Tel. +39 055 2469600; Fax +39 055 244145

Monday to Friday  9.00-13.00; 14.00-18.00

For your stay in Florence or in the surroundings of the Tuscan capital, contact www.vacavilla.com at +39 0577 165 6690 or info@vacavilla.com


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