Easter Monday: a day of antiquing in Chianti

A place of excellence in all its aspects, Tuscany is the land of unique historical heritage, exquisite wines that come from enchanting vineyards, a food culture that is celebrated all over the world, and miles and miles of stunning landscapes. It’s a region deeply connected to its roots, where everything tastes and smells like traditionContinue reading “Easter Monday: a day of antiquing in Chianti”

Across the river and back in time: Oltrarno in Florence

In so many ways, Florence is a city where time somehow seems to have stopped. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has set foot here or just looked at some pictures. Everywhere you turn, and without even walking into a church or a museum, you meet with that everlasting beauty that only masterpiecesContinue reading “Across the river and back in time: Oltrarno in Florence”

San Gimignano: A different kind of skyline

  A skyline from the past, surviving through the centuries to reach the present. If you think that New York got the last word on stunning city silhouettes, you might be quite mistaken. We are in Tuscany, more specifically in the province of Siena, between Chianti Hills and Val d’Orcia. San Gimignano is a smallContinue reading “San Gimignano: A different kind of skyline”

Christmas in Tuscany: a wooden carol

According to where you live, it goes with different names. In Italy, it is typically known as “ceppo”, and even though nowadays its long-lasting tradition has fallen out of fashion, there are several areas that still hold it in high regard. Tuscany is one of them.   Deriving from German paganism and Midwinter ceremonies, folkContinue reading “Christmas in Tuscany: a wooden carol”

Greve in Chianti and the five things to visit

The five place to visit during a stay in Greve in Chianti. The Matteotti square in Greve in Chianti The square is the hearth of the village of Greve in Chianti. The main feature of square are the colonnades that enclose it. Under the colonnades there are restaurants, artisans shops, winery and the famous butcherContinue reading “Greve in Chianti and the five things to visit”

The 2018 Italian MotoGP will be the 3rd of June in Mugello

The calendar of the MotoGP has been official since some weeks, and the expected Italian race will be held, as usual, at the Mugello Circuit in Scarperia on the 3rd of June. The Mugello Circuit, one of the most spectacular of the world, is located 30 km nord of Florence, in one of the mostContinue reading “The 2018 Italian MotoGP will be the 3rd of June in Mugello”

Villa Ott and the other beautiful villas in the Crespina countryside district, in Tuscany

The countryside area of Crespina and Tripalle has been very popular since the sixteenth century, when the noble families from Livorno and Pisa, started building their holidays villas. The most important and well known ones are Villa Belvedere, Villa Corsini Valdisonzi, Villa Museo Calo Pepi e Villa Ott, with no doubt one of the mostContinue reading “Villa Ott and the other beautiful villas in the Crespina countryside district, in Tuscany”

Osteria Brucia Tegami, Bagno a Ripoli, Florence in Tuscany

Just 20 minutes far from Florence, in the little town of Bagno a Ripoli, at the 39th of Roma street, the thoughtful and lively Fiamma welcome her guests in the cozy space of the Osteria Brucia Tegami. Light green and yellow are the relaxing colours dominating walls and furnitures of this nice osteria. A selectedContinue reading “Osteria Brucia Tegami, Bagno a Ripoli, Florence in Tuscany”

Piaggio Museum, Pontedera in Tuscany

The Piaggio museum is a special place. Located in Pontedera, Tuscany, where the Piaggio company was born, it is a beautiful example of recover of an industrial area. The exhibition area hosts a permanent collection of Piaggio, Gilera and Vespa, designed by Giovanni Casiraghi, Luigi Pegna and Corradino D’Ascanio. Unique pieces, part of the bestContinue reading “Piaggio Museum, Pontedera in Tuscany”

Lucca Summer Festival 2015

The Lucca Summer Festival is one of the most important music festival in Italy. The concert’s calendari s really impressive, hosting some of the most important artists in the world. This is the 2015 concert calendar: BOB DYLAN & FRANCESCO DE GREGORI – July, 1, 2015 JOHN LEGEND – July, 5 2015 LOS LOBOS –Continue reading “Lucca Summer Festival 2015”