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Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art in Prato reopens with “The end of the world” exhibition

17 Oct

The Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art reopens, after the completion of the futuristic spaceship-shaped extension by the Rotterdam-based Indonesian architect Maurice Nio, and of the renovation of the original building designed by the Rationalist architect Italo Gamberini.,presents the exhibition The End of the World.
Through the works of over 50 international artists in a showing that will span the entire exhibition area of the museum, the exhibition has been set up as a kind of exercise of distance which incite us to take a look at our present from a great distance.
Along the way the audience will experience the feeling of being projected thousands of light years away to view our current world as if it were a fossil, geological eras from the present time, resulting in a feeling of being suspended in a limbo between a now distant past and a still distant future.
Throughout the exhibition, many expressions and artistic languages are interconnected.
Contemporary art, and now the reopening of the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Museum in Prato is a further reason to visit Tuscany and this very authentic city which is Prato.
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Meeting masterpieces. Bellini, Caravaggio, Tiepolo, from 5th October to 6th January, in Palazzo Pretorio museum in Prato, Tuscany

28 Sep


Palazzo Pretorio museum in Prato will host the extra ordinare exhibition of ‘Meeting masterpieces. Bellini, Caravaggio, Tiepolo and the Tuscan and Venetian Masters from the Banca Popolare di Vicenza Collection, from 5 October 2014 to 6 January 2015.


This will be an opportunity to see together the most important artworks from the collection of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza and to have an overview on the sacred and profane subjects in the Tuscan and Venetian art in the period between the fifteenth and the eighteenth century.


The exhibition, featuring 86 panels and canvas, is enriched by masterpieces of some of the greatest italian painters as Bellini, Filippo Lippi, Tiepolo, and Caravaggio.

For more informati on contact: tel:0574/2019349961 or tour@coopculture.it


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Pictorial cycle of Filippo Lippi – Cappella Maggiore, Cathedral of Prato – Tuscany

30 Nov


The pictorial #cycle of Filippo Lippi occupies the #Cappella_Maggiore of the #Cathedral_of_Prato. It is one of the masterpieces of the #renaissance period, and it covers a a surface of 400 m2 (4,300 sq ft). It was painted, in the period from 1452 and 1465,  by Fra Filippo Lippi and his assistants, and between them, there was also #Fra_Diamante.


At the left (looking from the nave towards the high altar) there are the Stories of St. Stephen, the titular saint of the Duomo and patron saint of #Prato; at the right, there are the Stories of St.John the Baptist, the saint protector of nearby #Florence. The end wall, at the side of the stained glass window (also designed by Lippi), there are two saints in painted niches and, below, bent around the corners, on the left there is the martyrdom of St. Stephen, and on the right the one of St. John the Baptist (right). At the top, in the pendentives of the cross-vaults, are the four Evangelists.

Fra Filippo Lippi-ciclo_pittorico

The fresoes have been completed refurbished and re-opened to public in 2007.


The Cappella Maggiore can be visited from Monday to Saturday: 10,00-17,00. Sunday:  13,00-17,00
For further information telephone 0574 24112
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From Donatello to Lippi. Officina Pratese – Palazzo Pretorio – Prato

23 Sep


The exhibition  ‘From Donatello to Lippi. Officina Pratese’, takes place in the refurbished museum of Palazzo Pretorio and has been curated by Andrea De Marchi and Cristina Gnoni Mavarelli.During the fifteenth century, in the early #renaissance, the major artists of the period operated in the city of Prato.

palazzo pretorio

Artists of the calibre of #Donatello, #Michelozzo, #Maso di #Bartolomeo, Paolo #Uccello, #Filippo #Lippi and his son #Filippino Lippi were called to realise the pulpit intended to show the relic of the Holy Belt, the frescoes in the Chapel of the Assumption and the Great Chapel, and other furnishings. To them, we must add the son of Fra Filippo, Filippino, who took his moves from Prato and there returned to work in his later years.


The exhibition shows a selection of works of great quality. Some of them are preserved in #Prato, but in different  #museums in Prato and some others came from foreign collections.


The exhibition is opened from the 13 September 2013 to the 13 January 2014. Contacts for information and bookings:


From the 17 of October a new precious paint arrives to enrich the From Donatello to Lippi exhibition. The title of the paint is  “The King Wise  #Gasparre sailing to the #Holy #land” by #Domenico di #Michelino o #Francesco #Di #Stefano known as #Pesellino.

Museo di Palazzo Pretorio

Piazza del Comune, 2 – 59100 Prato PO
Phone. 0574 – 1934996

Opening Hours
Open every day from 10 to 19
Closed on Tuesdays and December 25

Take the opportunity of the “From Donatello to Lippi” exhibition to come to Prato, and visit also Il #Nuvo #Mondo by Paolo #Sacchetti, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 25, 59100 Prato, one of the best Italian patisserie, and the historical Biscottificio #Mattei Via Ricasoli, 20, 59100 Prato, where to find the original #cantuccini di #Prato.


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Prato, Palazzo Pretorio Museum – “The plaster works art” – Jacques Lipchitz, from March 22 to May 26 2013

23 Mar

Palazzo Pretorio re-opens after 16 years of refurbishment works exhibiting the “The Plaster Works”, the collection of drawings and plaster works donated by the Lipchitz Foundation to the city of Prato.

The Palazzo Pretorio refurbishment has not still been completed, and the the works of the Lithuanian artist are hosted on the first floor of the beautiful middle ages building

For information call: +39 0574 18361

Palazzo Pretorio, piazza del Comune, Prato (Tuscany – Italy)

Few meters from the Palazzo Pretorio, in Ricasoli street at the 22,  there is the historical shop of  Antonio Mattei, where you can find the best “cantuccini” in the world. The original one in the blue package.

Don’t miss Lipchitz and the biscuits of Antonio Mattei.


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Il Nuovo Mondo by Paolo Sacchetti, one of the best Italian Patisserie, an hidden gem in Prato, Tuscany

16 Nov

Pesche di Prato

Discerning travellers moving to Tuscany, good food lovers, people ever searching hidden gems are highly recommended to visit “Il Nuovo Mondo Pasticceria”  by Paolo Sacchetti. Paolo is a well known maitre patissier. He is the 2012 italian champion but despite that, as he sells his marvelous patisserie only in his shop in Prato, and as Prato is not one of the most important Italian cities and a touristic destination, it is correct to consider “Il Nuovo Mondo” an hidden gem to be discovered.

The shop window of his patisserie like a paint. It is so beautiful that also just watching it is a unique pleasure, but the real experience, of course, is tasting cakes, pastries and cakes.

Most of the cakes changes according to the seasons’ changes (panettoni, Easter colombe etc), but you can ever find millefoglie, chese cakes with meringue and strawberries, Savarin or Paris-Brest and many other delicacies. I wish anyway to suggest my “not to be missed favourits”: 1) Pesche di Prato; 2) Giulebbe; 3) Caramelized Millefoglie with strawberry.

The Patisserie “Il Nuovo Mondo” is located in one of the main street of the downtown, very close to the Prato Cathedral. The address is   Via Garibaldi, 25 and the telephone number is 0574 27765. The patisserie is closed every Sunday morning, and Monday.




The Forte dei Marmi market moves to Prato

15 Jan

Today the famous and glamour market organized in Forte dei Marmi (the luxury destination located in Versilia) Sunday summer has moved to Prato, in the Cathedral square.

The market is in front of the marvelous Cathedral of Prato, where one of the most important fresco by Filippo Lippi is hosted.

The Pratesi could buy at home the cashmere pullovers, linen and towels which makes the Forte dei Marmi market famous also out of Tuscany. It is a good opportunity also for people coming from out of Prato to visit the market of Forte dei Marmi, and in the occasion, also the downtown of Prato.

The castle of Federico Barbarossa, the Basilic of Santa Maria delle Carceri projected by Giuliano da Sangallo, the Opera del Duomo museum, Palazzo Pretorio. The Civic museum closed since more than 10 years, is going to re-open soon.

Prato is the city of Filippo Lippie and it is reach of paintings of XIV and XV century.

Prato means also “cantuccini”. It is possible to buy the original in the Biscottificio Mattei. Very famous is also “Il nuovo mondo” of Paolo Sacchetti, one of the best pasticceri in Italy. Try the Giulebbe cake,  the Prato’s peach or any other cake. They are simply fantastic.

Ludovico Pieri