Venice is always an amazing surprise

  Venice is always a surprising city. Ponte di Rialto, Canal Grande, San Marco, are for sure worldwide known, but at the same time, they are normally besieged by multitudes of tourists. Walking far from these very famous attractions, is what I normally do, during the periodical visit of the Vacavilla’s Venice apartments. This is the reasonContinue reading “Venice is always an amazing surprise”

Tuscany food: celiac friendly Restaurants, Trattorie, Pizzerie, etc.

Tuscany is a place where  the celiacs can travel with pleasure for their eyes and for their taste. The number of restaurants and trattorie offering gluten_free dedicated menu is growing constantly, and anyway, also where there is not any specific menu, the restaurants’ managers, waiters and chefs, are now aware about this kind of needs,Continue reading “Tuscany food: celiac friendly Restaurants, Trattorie, Pizzerie, etc.”

Caffè Marconi in Marina di Pietrasanta (Versilia) – The Original Pane Arabo Pizza

Caffè Marconi was born more than 40 years ago in Forte dei Marmi, in Marconi square, where every Sunday there is the famous Forte dei Marmi Market. Few months ago, Misses Rosa and her daughter Patrizia decided to move their famous Caffè Marconi to Marina di Pietrasanta, in Giosuè Carducci street at the 149. TheContinue reading “Caffè Marconi in Marina di Pietrasanta (Versilia) – The Original Pane Arabo Pizza”