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Tuscany typical dishes

10 Jun


The folks origin sof Tuscan food are confirmed from see from its basic ingredients: bread, even stale bread, spelt, legumes and vegetables.

Some typical appetizers are crostini (toasted bread) spread with a cream of chicken liver and spleen, panzanella salad, and sausages, including finocchiona, a fennel flavoured salami. Also the ham in Tuscany is different. It is a salted ham, perfect to be eaten with the non-salted Tuscan bread.

The typical first course is soup, like the famous ribollita or bean soup, spelt soup, pici (a type of spaghetti from the area of Siena), or pappardelle with hare. In the Province of Massa and Carrara, testaroli are a very special first course

famous fish dish is cacciucco soup, followed by mullets and the stockfish stew of Livorno.
Among meat dishes, the fiorentina steak (grilled T-bone steak) is the most popular; guinea-fowl meat, pork and game are very common, too.

The typical desserts are castagnaccio (chestnut cake), buccellato (anise cake)  cantucci, called also Prato biscuits (with almond), panforte, cavallucci and ricciarelli, fantastic desserts of the beautiful Siena. Tuscany si also a region producing some good types of Pecorino cheese.

Wine production is excellent for its variety and quality: Tuscany produces the finest wines in Italy, from Chianti to Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino, Vernaccia di San Gimignano and many more, up to Vin Santo, a sweet and liqueur-like wine to taste with cantucci. Tuscany is also reach of some very precious Super Tuscany wine, such as Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Tignanello and many others.

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