The Italian MotoGP, the race under the Tuscan sun

The Italian Grand Prix at the Mugello Circuit, -one of the most important appointment of the MotoGP-, this year it will be from the 2nd to the 4th of June in the spectacular Mugello Circuit, at Scarperia, few km north of Florence. During the motogp week, Mugello becomes the center of the attention of allContinue reading “The Italian MotoGP, the race under the Tuscan sun”

Mille Miglia 2014 – the Tuscan itinerary

This year The Mille Miglia race starts on the 15th and finish the 18th of May. As usual the starting and the arrival city is Brescia, but the itinerary this year shows some changes respect to the latest edition. The Mille Miglia race will cross Tuscany the 17th of May, during the third day, whilstContinue reading “Mille Miglia 2014 – the Tuscan itinerary”

Chini Museum, Liberty art at Villa Pecori Giraldi, Borgo San Lorenzo in Mugello Tuscany

    Villa Pecori Giraldi at Borgo San Lorenzo, the main center of the Mugello, is the seat of the Museo Chini, hosted at the beautiful villa Pecori Giraldi. Galileo, Tito, Chino have been some of the most important artists of the Liberty period in Italy.  The Chini family became famous because of their ceramics’ production.Continue reading “Chini Museum, Liberty art at Villa Pecori Giraldi, Borgo San Lorenzo in Mugello Tuscany”

Scarperia in Mugello is the Italian capital for the manufacture of knives and blades

Scarperia is a small medieval town in the Mugello valley, few kilometers north of Florence. Famous in the world because of the Mugello racetrack, since many years has been hosting the Italian MotoGP, Scarperia has a very long handcraft tradition in the production of cutting tools. Despite the iron-working was already a strong local tradition, anContinue reading “Scarperia in Mugello is the Italian capital for the manufacture of knives and blades”

Italian Moto Grand Prix – Mugello Circuit – 1 June 2014

The Italian Moto Grand Prix of Mugello, one of the most beautiful race track of the world, next year, will be held on Sunday,  1 June 2014. The trials will be the 30 and the 31 of May. The Mugello Circuit is located in Via Senni, 15 – Scarperia, in the Mugello valley, 30 kmContinue reading “Italian Moto Grand Prix – Mugello Circuit – 1 June 2014”

Marron Buono Festival – Marradi, Mugello – Florence, Tuscany

Marradi is a village, part of the northern area of Mugello, on the Appennines between Tuscany amd Emilia Romagna. This is the native villa of the poem Dino Campana, and land of Marron Buono (a kind of big chestnut) that got the Mugello area IGP trademark. Marradi and the surrounding area are rich of chestnut woods,Continue reading “Marron Buono Festival – Marradi, Mugello – Florence, Tuscany”

14 Medici’s villas became part of the Unesco World Heritage

Recently 14 Medici’s villas have been included into the Unesco world heritage list. Same of these villas are worldwide well-known, some others are also amazing monuments, but not as well known as the first ones, ones, and some others need to be saved and to be valued.  Some of these villas are in and aroundContinue reading “14 Medici’s villas became part of the Unesco World Heritage”

Madonna shoots his new video in Mugello, Florence (Tuscany)

FLORENCE, ITALY – An old gas station in Mugello  has been chosen by Madonna to shoot his new video ‘Turn up the radio’. The blond pop star has held a concert Saturday night at the stadium ‘Franchi’ in Florence, the Tuscan capital. She was out today from the St. Regis luxury hotel in the heartContinue reading “Madonna shoots his new video in Mugello, Florence (Tuscany)”

Tuscany: Golf Paradise

Tuscany is one of the more fascinating Regions of the world. Nature, history, culture, arts, food, wine: Tuscany is a perfect blend of all of these ingredients. Tuscany means lifestyle. Also Golf in Tuscany means lifestyle, feelings and emotions coming from this sport played in this region of pleasure and wellbeing. Tuscany, where there are asContinue reading “Tuscany: Golf Paradise”

International Mini Meeting 2013 in Mugello, Tuscany

The International Mini Meeting (IMM) 2013 will be held in Mugello. The prestigious international convention dedicate to the famous British car will be in Tuscany, for the first time, will arrive on the Bilancino lake. More than  5.000 partecipants, each of them will arrive with their own Mini. That will happen from the 17 toContinue reading “International Mini Meeting 2013 in Mugello, Tuscany”