San Gimignano: A different kind of skyline

  A skyline from the past, surviving through the centuries to reach the present. If you think that New York got the last word on stunning city silhouettes, you might be quite mistaken. We are in Tuscany, more specifically in the province of Siena, between Chianti Hills and Val d’Orcia. San Gimignano is a smallContinue reading “San Gimignano: A different kind of skyline”

Christmas in Tuscany: a wooden carol

According to where you live, it goes with different names. In Italy, it is typically known as “ceppo”, and even though nowadays its long-lasting tradition has fallen out of fashion, there are several areas that still hold it in high regard. Tuscany is one of them.   Deriving from German paganism and Midwinter ceremonies, folkContinue reading “Christmas in Tuscany: a wooden carol”

Madonna shoots his new video in Mugello, Florence (Tuscany)

FLORENCE, ITALY – An old gas station in Mugello  has been chosen by Madonna to shoot his new video ‘Turn up the radio’. The blond pop star has held a concert Saturday night at the stadium ‘Franchi’ in Florence, the Tuscan capital. She was out today from the St. Regis luxury hotel in the heartContinue reading “Madonna shoots his new video in Mugello, Florence (Tuscany)”