Easter Monday: a day of antiquing in Chianti

A place of excellence in all its aspects, Tuscany is the land of unique historical heritage, exquisite wines that come from enchanting vineyards, a food culture that is celebrated all over the world, and miles and miles of stunning landscapes. It’s a region deeply connected to its roots, where everything tastes and smells like traditionContinue reading “Easter Monday: a day of antiquing in Chianti”

Across the river and back in time: Oltrarno in Florence

In so many ways, Florence is a city where time somehow seems to have stopped. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has set foot here or just looked at some pictures. Everywhere you turn, and without even walking into a church or a museum, you meet with that everlasting beauty that only masterpiecesContinue reading “Across the river and back in time: Oltrarno in Florence”