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Eroica, the Tuscan race

2 Jan

L’Eroica 2018 wil take place on October the 7th.


The registration only to The Eroica event is going to be opened during this month of January 2018, whilst the COMBO registration to The Eroica + Nova Eroica, and The Eroica + Montalcino have been already opened since last December 2017.

As usual there differents kind of routes:

  • The Leisure route of 46 Km: to be covered in around 3 hours, to taste The Eroica atmosphere;
  • The Short route of 75 Km: to be raced in about 4 hours;
  • The Chianti Classico route of 115 Km: it takes about 6 hours, and it is suggested to well-trained bikers;
  • The Medium route of 135 Km: to be covered in 10-12 hours. Inside of the great history of The Eroica race;
  • The Long route of 209 Km: it’s The Eroica, what else?


This great route now is possible to be raced all year long. Look at The Eroica website to receive all the information to discover this beautiful and unique race.

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L”eroica, Bike race, Gaiole in Chianti (Siena), Tuscany, 5th October 2014

23 Sep

Just still few days and the most beutiful bike race of the worldwide will take place al so this year.


The Eroica will take place Aldo this year, since 1997, starting from Gaiole in Chianti. There will be 4 different itineraries all around the amazing Chianti region.

As usual bike’s lovers will come from all over the world e to enjoy this unique race between vineyards, olive threes, hamlets, on white roads, up and down on the Tuscany hills. the more beautiful Tuscany hills of Chianti.

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Tuscany and Chianti Wine

3 Mar

The Chianti is a fine red wine produced in the region and known as Chianti wine. The Chianti area, extending roughly over the two main city provinces of Florence and Siena, is characterized by a combination of almost perfect weather and soil that produces a precious wine considered one of the best wines around the world.

The tradition of cultivating vines in Chianti goes back to the Etruscans that inhabited the area before the Roman empire. Thanks to written evidence dating back to these times it is now known that the Etruscans not only cultivated vines and conducted experiments on grafting and creating hybrids but also produced wines that were widely appreciated.

Chianti Wine Region in Tuscany

Today, Chianti wine, depending on the area of production, is divided and recognized with the following denominations – all called Chianti + the denomination:

  • Classico“, the more well-known of the Chianti wines. Production is limited to area between Florence and Siena, as seen in lighter green area on the map to the right.
  • Colli Aretini“, hills towards Arezzo
  • Colli Fiorentini“, hills around Florence
  • Colli Senesi“, hills around Siena
  • Colline Pisane“, hills towards Pisa
  • Montalbano“, area in the Montalbano hills around Pistoia
  • Montespertoli“, hills around Montespertoli
  • Rufina“, area of hills near Rufina to the east of Florence

In 1984, Chianti obtained the denomination D.O.C.G. (Denominazione d’Origine Controllata e Garantita, or Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin), which is the highest type of protection and recognition for quality Italian wines.

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L’Eroica a spectacular cycling race across the beauty of the Tuscany region

26 Jan



The Eroica is a Foundation, the purpose of which is to safeguard the heritage of the white gravel roads of Tuscany. This was the motivation behind the cycling event which started in 1997.

In 2013, L’Eroica wil be raced on the 6th of October.

There will be the classic four different itineraries: 38Km 75Km  135Km  and  205Km.

A unique bicycle race between the gorgeous Tuscany countryside. Close to the white roads where the Eroica is raced there are stone farmhouses, typical Tuscany case coloniche. These locations can be reached by car, but at the same time, they are far from the traffic. Peaceful locations, where you can decide if you want to race l’Eroica or just to relax in front of the hills with a glass of Chianti  and a Toscano cigar………..



Tuscany is a a beautiful region which offers so much both to the locals and the visitors and L’Eroica is an attractions enhancing the popularity of this unique territory. It is a spectacular and special cycling race held in Tuscany  in autumn, normally in the month of October.

Started from 1997, L’Eroica is a “period” cycle rally held through a course which crosses mainly gravel roads. Giancarlo Brocci conceived this event to save the “strade bianche”, the white Tuscany roads. Brocci conceived L’Eroica as a race with four different courses atarting and ending in Gaiole in Chianti.

It is a unique race. The course of the race is through dust, mud and gravel, uphill and downhill routes which test the ability of the cyclist. The view and the surroundings are scenographic and beautiful but make the riders adapt to and sometimes even endure a lot to complete the race and become “eroica” or heroic. As the heroes and tourists battle through the short, medium or long courses they are offered vintage refreshments and traditional foods to sustain them in their untiring efforts. Participating in the L’Eroica is not only a heroic but also a fun and adventure filled test of strength and endurance. It is possible to see many vintage bikes restored and used in this race. The Bianchi is definitely the favourite cycle used in the race.

L’Eroica is an “Italian Classic” race which get the opportunity to see so much vintage cycling memorabilia.

During the L’Eroica the  town of Gaiole comes alive and displays pictures of the past racing events. Some of the pictures are in mono chrome and the cyclists are wearing woolen jerseys and shorts. They even have spare bicycle tires around their necks.


The Courses at L’Eroica

The L’Eroica is definitely one of the most scenic and enduring races ever. The course of the race follows through the beautiful roads in Tuscany, in the Chianti, Val d’Arbia and the Val d’Orcia areas. To complete the entire race the partecipants have to cycle through smooth roads, difficult paths, sometimes going off road through rural and scenic routes.

The views are beautiful. However the roads and paths can be treacherous too though they seem like gentle slopes they have some hairpin bends and many twists and turns.

There are four different courses- the long course, the medium course, the short course and the cyclotouristic course. All the courses start from Gaiole in Chianti and the long course also ends in Gaiole in Chianti.

L’Eroica- the Heroic Chianti Cycling RaceThe long course is marked with permanent signs and arrows. It covers a distance of 205 kilometres filled with scenic beauty, flat roads, hilly roads  and unpaved roads.  It is a real proof of heroism and relives the experience of Tuscans through the ages with their ancient cycles and strength and fortitude traveling through and working in these beautiful and rugged regions of Tuscany.  Some cyclists use historic bicycles and traditional costumes and trademark clothing while participating in L’Eroica.

The medium course is 135 kilometres long. It also has permanent signs and directions and traverses across scenic beauty, hilly regions and the “strade bianche” as well as asphalt roads.

The short course and the cyclotouristic courses also traverse through scenic roads. They do not have permanent signs. The course has mainly asphalt roads with a few unpaved roads.

Registration for the Event

L’Eroica- the Heroic Chianti Cycling RaceL’Eroica is normally organized in October. The L’Eroica is open to the participation of cyclists belonging to both genders. There are a few rules to participate at L’Eroica. A valid racing license (Italian and foreign) is required though you can obtain it a one day license cum insurance as well. There is a participation fee and online registration which generally closes by mid September. This is a “period” rally and costumes and heritage and even antique bikes are preferred. However modern bicycles, excluding mountain bikes and modern clothing are also allowed. Bike numbers and other registration details have to be completed the evening before.


L’Eroica offers few prizes too. All riders (whether they ride in ancient or modern bicycles) who finish the long race within 7.30 pm (the official time limit) receive  a commemorative plate and a bottle of Chianti Classico with a special label on it. Special Prizes are given to individuals who ride “heroic” bicycles. Ten prizes are also given for the heroic rides on the long course and for those who used ancient and antique bicycles.


There are traditional refreshments at specific places along the course. There is a wide selection of Water, Wine, Grapes, Bread and Garlic. Lunch does include the traditional Ribbolita, different Tuscan breads, cold meats including Prosciutto and the Chianti wines. At the end of the race a  typical traditional Tuscan dinner is provided.


Many participants dress up in vintage costumes. It is very colourful and in keeping with the spirit of a bygone era which is one of the aims of L’Eroica. L’Eroica is a must visit and must participate event at least once in a lifetimes is the opinion of many. It is a beautiful and energetic way of exploring the beautiful province of Tuscany especially the region designated as Chianti.

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