San Gimignano: A different kind of skyline

  A skyline from the past, surviving through the centuries to reach the present. If you think that New York got the last word on stunning city silhouettes, you might be quite mistaken. We are in Tuscany, more specifically in the province of Siena, between Chianti Hills and Val d’Orcia. San Gimignano is a smallContinue reading “San Gimignano: A different kind of skyline”

Villa Ott and the other beautiful villas in the Crespina countryside district, in Tuscany

The countryside area of Crespina and Tripalle has been very popular since the sixteenth century, when the noble families from Livorno and Pisa, started building their holidays villas. The most important and well known ones are Villa Belvedere, Villa Corsini Valdisonzi, Villa Museo Calo Pepi e Villa Ott, with no doubt one of the mostContinue reading “Villa Ott and the other beautiful villas in the Crespina countryside district, in Tuscany”

Biennale Enogastronomica Fiorentina – Firenze dal 3 all’8 Novembre 2012

Dal 3 al 18 novembre la città di Firenze ospiterò nei suoi locali, ristoranti, piazze e palazzi strocii la BIENNALE ENOGASTRONOMICA FIORENTINA. Un calendario ricco di incontri, spettacoli, itinerari del gusto, mercati, degustazioni, aperitivi, cene e convegni, con un occhio particolare agli aspetti della solidarietà. Oltre ai tanti eventi che giorno dopo giorno animeranno il programma dellaContinue reading “Biennale Enogastronomica Fiorentina – Firenze dal 3 all’8 Novembre 2012”

Tuscany thermal baths – the well-being and relaxation locations

Tuscany  is a Region rich of thermal location, where you can  relax and get rid of all the stress. Starting from Lunigiana to the Crete Senesi, there are many  thermal centers which offer just the right get-away for  prople who want to take a break from their usual routine. Tuscany boasts many opportunities focused onContinue reading “Tuscany thermal baths – the well-being and relaxation locations”

Mystery in Tuscany

 Tuscany is a  rich artistic heritage, its enchanting landscapes and the food and wine of the area make it a destination that attracts millions of tourists each year from all over the world. Many of them  settle for the classic tour: Firenze-Siena-Pisa, skipping other many interesting cultural and historic areas. Some of the mysterious destinations are: Volterra, whereContinue reading “Mystery in Tuscany”

A tailor made villa rentals service

Vacavilla is tailor-made villa rentals service. This is an innovative service given in this business. The clients submit their holiday home requirements and the Vacavilla team, thanks to his own experience and knowledge of the market, search and find the dreamed holiday home. At the moment Vacavilla can offer more than 200 properties in Tuscany,Continue reading “A tailor made villa rentals service”