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Scarperia in Mugello is the Italian capital for the manufacture of knives and blades

22 Jan

Scarperia is a small medieval town in the Mugello valley, few kilometers north of Florence.

Famous in the world because of the Mugello racetrack, since many years has been hosting the Italian MotoGP, Scarperia has a very long handcraft tradition in the production of cutting tools. Despite the iron-working was already a strong local tradition, an authentic Cutler’s Statute dates to the15th Century.


Coltellerie Berti Srl, Via Roma, 43, Scarperia (Firenze)

The cutlery tradition were handed down from father to son, and this business still has an important role in the town’s economy, despite, when early in the 20th Century the Italian legislation drastically shortened the legal length of the blade of the switch knife.


CONAZ Coltellerie dei Fratelli Consigli & C. Snc, Via G. Giordani 20 Scarperia (Firenze)

Today, it is possible to admire some examples of old blades and knives at the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti, hosted in the beautiful Palazzo dei Vicari (the ancient Government Palace, that is still the most important monument of Scarperia), whilst the new models such as the traditional custom-made ‘zuava’, the short ‘mozzetti’, and the horn-handled ‘palmerino’ pocket-knife, can be bought in the artisanal shops located in the hamlet of the town.


Coltellerie Giglio Eredi dei F.lli Risti Via dell’Oche 48 Scarperia (Firenze)


Coltellerie Saladini, Via Roma 25, Scarperia (Firenze)

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