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Il Cucchiaio della Nonna, restaurant and pizzeria, offers excellent gluten-free food in Forte dei Marmi

4 Aug

Il Cucchiaio della nonna is a restaurant and pizzeria offering pizzas and flatbreads cooked in wood, local and fish food, but also a take away service, for the beach lovers. The restaurant is located at the end of Forte dei Marmi, in the department of Vittoria Apuana, in the parallel of the seafront street, 50 meters far from Versilia’s largest free beach .

The food is good, prepared with genuine ingredients (it seems it is prepared by Mrs Paola, the grandmother), and despite the service is not ever very quick, the staff is pleasant and courteous. As soon as you arrive at the table, they are quick to serve you an appetizer, usually a variety of pizzas’ stripes. The opening of Il Cucchiaio della Nonna is a good news also for the celiacs. The restaurant indeed offers a very large gluten-free menu, and serves very good pizzas for celiacs. For reservation Tel 0039 0584 752340


Mitoraj Myth and Music – exhibition in Pietrasanta

6 Jun

The town of Pietrasanta, also known as the “ Little Athens of Versilia “, has become a symbol for the sculpture since the Renaissance, when Michelangelo and all the main sculptors of the period went to visit the nearby marble quarries in the Apuan Alps of Massa and Carrara.
Since the last 20 years, Pietrasanta, with its beautiful old town with Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque buildings has became the most sophisticated destination in the Versilia region.


The centre of the town now is full of restaurants, art gallery and also boutiques, but the main reason why of this new golden age of Pietrasanta is that many of the most important contemporary artists have decided to work and sometimes also to live here.
Botero, Vangi and Igor Mitoraj are only some of the most important ones.
This year, to celebrate Igor Mitoraj, who passed away in 2014, the town of Pietrasanta has decided to dedicate the exhibition “Mitoraj Myth and Music” .
Until the 30th August the complex of Sant’Agostino in Pietrasanta (Lucca) hosts his most important sculptures, the giants faces and busts, often wrapped, worldwide famous. To enhance the works, gardening experts have made a real “enchanted garden” where the clay sculptures have been arranged as a sort of theatre set, designed by the author when he was still alive.


Mitoraj worked a lot also for theater and opera, and to complete the celebration, of the great polish artist, a rich musical program has been organized by the Puccini Festival Foundation, and every Friday, it will accompany the exhibition with music events and concerts. The scenic design will be enriched by the images of the photographer Giovanni Ricci Novara.

Il Trillo restaurant with an amazing open terrace

15 Jul

Il Trillo is a very special place, just few curves above the city of Massa, few kilometres north of Forte de Marmi, in Versilia.

The restaurant offers real genuine food, prepared and presented in a contemporary way. Fresh ingredients and accurate preparation served in one of the more beautiful terrace of the Versilia and Apuan Riviera.

Under lemon trees, surrounded by flowers and plants, a young and friendly staff is happy to serve a delightful candlelight dinner.


Some suggestions: between the starters:

White onions stuffed with beef, mortadella & herbs cooked in Vermentino wine, or  yellowfin line caught tuna tartare with Trevisan radicchio and peas coulisse;


and the hand made pasta dishes:

Traditional thin green squared pasta, served with a rich beef tomato ragù sauce and parmesan cheese, or Paccheri pasta filled with buffalo mozzarella & aubergine, in a guinea fowl ragù;

the main courses
Organic Shorthorn fillet of beef with foie-gras and Cognac served with baby red chard, or a delicious slow cooked rabbit leg stuffed with cabbage, accompanied by sweet and sour shallots, or King prawns & “Tropea” onions flambée with Laphroig whisky;Side dishesDesserts & Puddings;

and to finish, as dessert:

Coffe and Chocolate mousse with amaretto biscuits crumble (great), or a tasty  caramelised apple and pear cake with fiordilatte icecream on custard, a light alternative is the  Sorbet trio Mango, Blueberries, Blueberries, but my favourite one is the lemon tiramisù.


Friandises and a lemon cream (made by the lemons gathered on the terrace) complete the very accurate service.

The food is good, the location is amazing …. and the price? The price are reasonable: two courses, plus a dessert, water, wine (not an expensive one), and coffee is less the 100 Euro for two persons.

Highly recommended also for Vegan and Celiac, as they serve vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

il trillo ristorante – la Limonaia
via Bergiola Vecchia, 30 loc. Castagnetola
54100 Massa (MS)
+39 0585 46755



Wassily Kandinsky at Palazzo Blu in Pisa, Tuscany

19 Nov

More than 50 works on show until Feb 3

The Blue Palace hosts the exhibition “Wassily Kandinsky, from Russia to Europe” which has started on October 13th and lasting until February 3rd. It displays around 50 works by the famous Russian painter,  known as the father of abstract painting. Most of them will be comes from the St. Petersburg museum and other importanr Russian art institutions.
The exhibition celebrates the twenty years from 1901, the year in which Kandinsky gave up his law and ethnographic studies which brought his attention to the traditional and original peoples of the Russian empire and decided to turn to painting, to 1922 when he decided to abandon Soviet Russia even though he was a supporter in the first years of the revolution, and in turn accepted Walter Gropius’ offer to teach along side Paul Klee at the Bauhaus in Germany.

Opening the exhibition is a fascinating section dedicated to the visual and conceptual roots which form the basis of Kandinsky’s work, replete with rare objects belonging to the shaman.

The show has guiding the visitor through an artistic journey, beginning with the early work of a symbolist nature, to the paintings from his Murnau period (displayed alongside select paintings by Gabriele Munter, Alex Jawlensky, Marianne Werefkin and Arnold Schonberg), up until the great works which recognize Kandinsky as being the point of reference for the western Avant Garde, taken from the Der Blaue Reiter and other major protagonists of the Russian Avant-Garde.

The exhibition is curated by Eugenia Petrova, director of the museum of St. Petersburg and in collaboration with Claudia Beltramo Ceppi, promoted by the Blue Palace Foundation, with the backing of the City of Pisa and organized by the Joint Arts Exhibitions and Museums.
For more information:
… another good reasons to come to Tuscany to spend your new year eve.

Il Mercato di Forte dei Marmi in Tour – Calendario appuntamento Ottobre, Novembre e Dicembre2013 –

6 Nov

mercato–cachemireIl Consorzio DOC di Forte dei Marmi porterà il suo famoso mercato, e gli #ambulanti, in giro nelle regioni del centro-nord Italia. Sarà possibile quindi per i molti appassionati e fedeli frequentatori dei banchi della località regina della #Versilia a #Parma, #Belluno, #Fino #Mornasco e #UdineSotto trovate il calendario completo del tour del famoso mercato del Forte dei Marmi con le date programmate per lil mese di Ottobre 2013.Maglioncini di cachemire, tovaglie, plaid per la casa e i soliti tanti articoli speciali che trovate in estate la Domenica e il Giovedì in piazza a Forte dei amate #Forte dei #Marmi e la terra di Versilia, prenotate una villa o un appartamento per le vostre prossime vacanze. Vacavilla offre una vasta selezione di case private per vacanze in Versilia e nelle più belle zone della #Toscana e dell’

Settembre, Domenica aAPPIANO GENTILE (CO)
ore 8-20

P.zza Libertà
dal data aldata
ore 8-20

Settembre, Sabato aBAVENO (VB)
ore 8-20

Ogni mercoledì dell’anno e tutte le domeniche da Pasqua a fine settembre il mercato è a forte dei Marmi – ore 8-14
Settembre, Domenica aVILLAFRANCA (VR)
ore 8-20
Settembre, Giovedì aS.CROCE SULL’ARNO (PI)
ore 17-23.30
Settembre, Sabato aCERNOBBIO (CO)
Lungo Lago
ore 8-20
ore 8-20
Novembre, a BAGNOLO S. VITO
ore 8-20

Novembre, aVOGHERA (PV)
ore 8-20

Novembre, aLEGNAGO (VR)
ore 8-20
Novembre, a BAGNOLO S. VITO
ore 8-20

Novembre, aVOGHERA (PV)
ore 8-20

Novembre, aLEGNAGO (VR)
ore 8-20
Ottobre, aBELLUNO
P.zza Piloni
ore 8-20

Ottobre, aPARMA
P.zza Ghiaia
ore 8-20

Ottobre, a 
ore 8-20

Ogni mercoledì dell’anno il mercato è a forte dei Marmi – ore 8-14
Ottobre, aUDINE
P.zza V Maggio
ore 8-20
Dicembre Domenica aPRATO P.zza Duomo
ore 8-20

Dicembre Domenica aAPPIANO GENTILE (CO)
ore 8-20

Dicembre Sabato aALTOPASCIO (LU) – Via Cavour
ore 8-20

Dicembre Domenica aROMA PONTE MILVIO
ore 8-20

Tuscany thermal baths – the well-being and relaxation locations

13 Sep

Tuscany  is a Region rich of thermal location, where you can  relax and get rid of all the stress.

Starting from Lunigiana to the Crete Senesi, there are many  thermal centers which offer just the right get-away for  prople who want to take a break from their usual routine. Tuscany boasts many opportunities focused on well-being and guests are sure to delight when it comes to the top-notch services the region provides regarding beauty and health treatments. So, if you’re looking for a ‘great escape’, immerse yourself in the region’s very beautiful natural landscapes and unique gem-like towns. Tuscany has all it takes when it comes to feeling great!

See below for all of Tuscany’s thermal hot-spots:

Terme di Casciana
Piazza Garibaldi, 9
56034 Casciana Terme – PI
Booking : +39 0587 644608 – Fax: +39 0587 644673
Centralino: +39 0587 64461 – Fax: +39 0587 644629

Terme Villa Borri
Via Galilei, 34
56034 Casciana Terme – PI
Tel: +39 0587 644644
Fax: +39 0587 644630

Terme Bagni di Lucca
Piazza San Martino, 11
55021 Bagni di Lucca – LU
Tel: +39 0583 87221
Fax: +39 0583 808224

Terme di Uliveto
Via Provinciale Vicarese, 124
56010 Uliveto Terme – PI
Tel: +39 050 788686
Fax +39 050 788194

Terme di Petriolo

Loc. Bagni di Petriolo
53015 Monticiano (SI)
Tel: +39 0577 757104
Fax: +39 0577 757092

Terme di Santa Caterina in Bagno Vignoni

Piazza del Moretto, 12
53027 Bagno Vignoni – San Quirico d’Orcia – SI
Tel: +39 0577 887365
Fax: +39 0577 887365

Terme di Chianciano
Via delle Rose, 12
53042 Chianciano Terme – SI
Tel: +39 848800243

Terme di Equi Spa
P.zza delle Terme, 1
54013 Equi Terme – MS
Tel e Fax: +39 0585 949300

Terme di Gambassi – Acqua Salsa di Pillo
Piazza Giuseppe di Vittorio, 1
50050 Gambassi Terme – FI
Tel e Fax: +39 0571 638141  +39 0571 639268

Terme di Montecatini
Viale Verdi, 41
51016 Montecatini Terme – PT
Infoline: +39 0572 7781

Sorgente Sant’Elena spa
Via Della Libertà, 112
53042 Chianciano Terme – SI
Tel: +39 0578 31141
Fax: +39 0578 31369

Terme San Carlo

Via dei Colli, 92 – San Carlo Terme
54100 Massa – MS
Tel: +39 0585 47703
numero verde +39 800238122

Terme di Montepulciano
Località Sant’Albino
Via delle Terme 46
53045 Montepulciano – SI
Tel: +39 0578 7911
Fax: + 39 0578 799149

Terme di Saturnia

Loc. della Follonata
58014 Saturnia – Manciano – GR
Tel: +39 0564 600111
Fax: +39 0564 600863

Terme Antica Querciolaia
Via Trieste, 22
53040 Rapolano Terme – SI
Tel: +39 0577 724091
Fax: +39 0577 725470

Terme San Filippo
Loc. Bagni San Filippo, 23
53023 Castiglione d’Orcia – SI
Tel: +39 0577 872982
Fax: +39 0577 872684

San Giovanni Terme Rapolano
Via Terme San Giovanni, 52
53040 Rapolano Terme – SI
Tel: +39 0577.724030
Fax: +39 0577 724053

Terme di Venturina
Viale delle terme, 36/40
57021 Venturina – LI
Tel: +39 0565 851066

Enjoy the great choice of the Tuscany thermal opportunities. Rent a villa or an apartment  browsing on Vacation homes in all the more beautiful area of Tuscany: Versilia, Montecatini, Forte dei Marmi, Arezzo, Maremma, Etruscan Coast, Siena, San Gimignano, Florence, Motalcino, Montepulciano, Pisa, Mugello, Valdelsa, Castiglioncello, Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Punta Ala, Isola d’Elba, Isola del Giglio, Argentario, Lucca, Val d’Orcia, Pietrasanta, etc.

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Caffè Marconi in Marina di Pietrasanta (Versilia) – The Original Pane Arabo Pizza

6 Sep

Caffè Marconi was born more than 40 years ago in Forte dei Marmi, in Marconi square, where every Sunday there is the famous Forte dei Marmi Market.

Few months ago, Misses Rosa and her daughter Patrizia decided to move their famous Caffè Marconi to Marina di Pietrasanta, in Giosuè Carducci street at the 149. The  new location is very close to the Twiga beach, few steps from some of the more famous Versilian beaches.

This summer I went there, discovering the Caffè Marconi  their Specialità: the Pane Arabo Pizza. It is simply fantastic.

The Pane Arabo is a stuffed focaccia invented in 1977 by Misses Rosa and her Husband when the Caffè Marconi was in Forte dei Marmi. Now the Pane Arabo Pizza is one of the more popular pizza. There is no pizzeria in Italy which does not have the pane arabo  in its pizza menu.

The original recipe contains tomato, green salade, ham and cream cheese. The secrets of Misses Rosa are two: the special cream cheese (fantastic) and the dough.

Today you can eat this special and tasting pizza on the nice terrace of Caffè Marconi, drinking a fresh bier at a very good price.

Some friends of mine also tasted the other kind of pizza prepared by Caffè Marconi, and they loved also them.

So if you wish to enjoy the best and the original Pane Arabo pizza goes to Caffè Marconi in Marina di Pietrasanta. Rosa and Parizia will be happy to welcome you.

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