Piaggio Museum, Pontedera in Tuscany

The Piaggio museum is a special place. Located in Pontedera, Tuscany, where the Piaggio company was born, it is a beautiful example of recover of an industrial area. The exhibition area hosts a permanent collection of Piaggio, Gilera and Vespa, designed by Giovanni Casiraghi, Luigi Pegna and Corradino D’Ascanio. Unique pieces, part of the bestContinue reading “Piaggio Museum, Pontedera in Tuscany”

Palazzo Pretorio Museum, Prato

The Palazzo Pretorio reopens after about twenty years the 12th of April 2014. The building, dated 1200, has been completely restored and the beautiful and important paintings part of the collection, that in total includes 3000 works, comes back to visible in the new beautiful spaces. Palazzo Pretorio shows the most important paintings, ordered according to a chronological sequenceContinue reading “Palazzo Pretorio Museum, Prato”

Chini Museum, Liberty art at Villa Pecori Giraldi, Borgo San Lorenzo in Mugello Tuscany

    Villa Pecori Giraldi at Borgo San Lorenzo, the main center of the Mugello, is the seat of the Museo Chini, hosted at the beautiful villa Pecori Giraldi. Galileo, Tito, Chino have been some of the most important artists of the Liberty period in Italy.  The Chini family became famous because of their ceramics’ production.Continue reading “Chini Museum, Liberty art at Villa Pecori Giraldi, Borgo San Lorenzo in Mugello Tuscany”

Museum civico Giovanni Fattori & the Macchiaioli – Livorno, Tuscany

The Macchiaioli  were a group of  Tuscany painters active in  the second half of the nineteenth century, who did much of their paintings outdoors to capture natural light, shade, and colour. This practices and technic relates the Macchiaioli to the French Impressionist who came to prominence a few years later, although the Macchiaioli pursued somewhat different purposes. The most representativeContinue reading “Museum civico Giovanni Fattori & the Macchiaioli – Livorno, Tuscany”