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Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art in Prato reopens with “The end of the world” exhibition

17 Oct

The Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art reopens, after the completion of the futuristic spaceship-shaped extension by the Rotterdam-based Indonesian architect Maurice Nio, and of the renovation of the original building designed by the Rationalist architect Italo Gamberini.,presents the exhibition The End of the World.
Through the works of over 50 international artists in a showing that will span the entire exhibition area of the museum, the exhibition has been set up as a kind of exercise of distance which incite us to take a look at our present from a great distance.
Along the way the audience will experience the feeling of being projected thousands of light years away to view our current world as if it were a fossil, geological eras from the present time, resulting in a feeling of being suspended in a limbo between a now distant past and a still distant future.
Throughout the exhibition, many expressions and artistic languages are interconnected.
Contemporary art, and now the reopening of the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Museum in Prato is a further reason to visit Tuscany and this very authentic city which is Prato. for your private villa rentals in Tuscany.

Fattoria di Celle – Santomato, Pistoia – Tuscany – Giuliano Gori modern art collection

29 Jul


The Villa of Celle in Santomato (in the Province of Pistoia), located on the nice hills between Pistoia and Prato,  originally exists already in the year 1000, but, its  present form was realized, in the late seventeenth century, by Cardinal Carlo Agostino Fabroni from Pistoia. The architect Giovanni Gambini enlarged the park, designing an English-style garden of  roughly sixty acres.


Bordering the garden, the Villa of Celle fam continues to produce Chianti Montalbano wine and extravirgin Tuscany olive oil.


In 1970, Giuliano Gori started creating the current unique amazing collection of modern artworks. His idea was to ask to many international artists to realize their own artworks made specifically for its space. 
This is the reason why  the collection of artworks is inseparable from the property, being became an integral part of the site and the wider landscape.

The Fattoria di Celle modern art collection is now one of the most important one in Italy and in Europe too.


These are some of the artists  present with their own sculptures in Fattoria di Celle:Image.

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