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Lucca Comics & Games Festival 2016

27 Sep

This year Lucca Comics and Games Festival takes place from October the 28th to November the 1st.


It is not only one of the most important comics’ festival in the world, but it has also a unique features, the location: the amazing city center of Lucca, one of the more beautiful and charming Tuscany cities.

A unique gem, a perfect magic location for this fantastic festival.


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Lucca Summer Festival 2015

20 Jun

The Lucca Summer Festival is one of the most important music festival in Italy. The concert’s calendari s really impressive, hosting some of the most important artists in the world.


This is the 2015 concert calendar:


JOHN LEGEND – July, 5 2015

LOS LOBOS – July, 7 2015

PAOLO NUTINI – July, 8 2015

THE SCRIPT – July, 9 2015

BILLY IDOL – July, 10 2015

ELTON JOHN – July, 11 2015

MS LAURYN HILL – July, 20 2015

MARK KNOPFLER – July, 22 2015

ROBBIE WILLIAMS – July, 23 2015

FEDEZ & JAX – July, 24, 2015

LENNIE KRAVITZ, special guest GARY CLARK JR – July, 26 2015

SNOOP DOGG – July, 28 2015


The concerts, or better the shows will take place in the beautiful Napoleone squame, inside the old and famous walls of Lucca.

The Lucca Summer Festival is therefore the opportunity to combine a great international music event with a pleasant visit to one of the more beautiful Tuscan cities.


The ticket can be bought on or, if you are in Lucca, there are 2 Summer Festival Points, where you can buy tickets

– P.zza San Michele – via San Paolino

– Piazza del Giglio entry from via S. Girolamo


On the day of the concert only:

– Competition-winner tickets, guest list/ complimentary tickets and Press passes are available for collection on the day of the concert only from 6.30pm onwards at the box-office at the main Summer Festival Point ( Piazza el Giglio, entry from Via San Girolamo).

– Online ticket collections from 6,30 pm at Summer Festival Point Piazza del Giglio entry from S. Girolamo.

For further information call the Info line +39 0584 46477

Pisa celebrates the 950th anniversary of the foundation of its Cathedral, part of the Piazza dei Miracoli

5 Mar


During the 2014 the city of Pisa celebrates the 950th anniversary of the foundation of the Duomo of Pisa, with various activities and events.

The main of this is the conclusion of the refurbishment of the cathedral apsis.


Within the end of year also the refurbishment of the facade of the Sinopie Museum will be completed. In that way, the Christian Itinerary starting from the born (in the Baptistry), to the Christian life (into the cathedral with its own bell tower), to the pain (into the New Hospital) to finish with the death (in the Monumental Cemetery).

Between the events there will be the presentation of the new fitting of the Opera Museum and the exhibition ANGELI by Igor Mitoraj, that will start in May, involving also the Sinopie Museum with sculpture, paintings, drawings and chalks.

An extraordinary edition of Anima Mundi, the Holy music exposition is planned from September to Ocboter 2010.

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Michelangelo Buonarroti, 450-year death celebrations in Florence

15 Feb

During the 2014, in occasion of the 450th anniversary of the Michelangelo’s death, there will be various exhibitions dedicated to the great artist.


From the 18th of February to the 18th of April, the Archivio di Stato of Florence will host “Storia di un primato mondiale. 450 anni dell’Accademia delle Arti del Disegno e l’insegnamento accademico delle belle arti a Firenze. Da Michelangelo alla contemporaneità”. It is an exhibition that retraces the 450 years through the main academic documents, between them, the Galileo’s autographs sticks out, as well as the statutes of the Compagnia di San Luca.


The itinerary will  be accompanied with the works of great artists as Lorenzo Bartolini, Cesare Mussini,  Morghen, Perfetti, and in the Gallery of Novecento where it will be possible to admire De Chirico, Carrà, Annigoni, Guttuso and many others.


The Galleria dell’Accademia, in in cooperation with the Fratelli Alinari I.D.E.A. spa, will show “Ri-conoscere Michelangelo”. From the 18th of February to the 18th of May 2014, paintings, statues and medals made from artists as Vernet, Delacroix and Rodin will testify the importance of the myth of Michelangelo from the 1800 until today. It will be also possible to admire the great works of 1800 by Alinari, Brogi, Braun and Baldus, as well as the works of Sheeler, Pagano and Herbert List, and contemporary ones as Helmut Newton, Frank Horvat e Youssef Nabil.

From February to April 2014,  The  Casa Vasari museum of Arezzo will host the exhibition  “Il rapporto tra Michelangelo e Vasari nelle lettere e nei disegni”, whilst Casa Buonarroti in Firenze will host two exhibitions telling the the story of the great artist: “La forza del mito – i progetti per la facciata di San Lorenzo a Firenze” (18 March – 2 June 2014) and “Michelangelo e il Novecento” (18 giugno – 20 ottobre 2014).

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Carnival in Foiano della Chiana, Arezzo in Tuscany

2 Feb

Foiano della Chiana, is a town situated in the Arezzo province, in the southern part of Tuscany.

The main reason why Foiano is famous is because of the important carnival that every year is hosted there.


The Carnival of Foiano della Chiana (Italian: Carnevale di Foiano della Chiana) is one of the most famous carnivals in Italy, even the oldest, starting in 1539. It takes one year to prepare it, and for the people of Foiano, the carnival is as important as the Palio to Siena. The festival comes from medieval propitiatory rituals meant to appease the townspeople and create a joyous atmosphere to bring in the new year.


The population of Foiano is subdvided into four cantieri (districts): the oldest are the “Azzurri” (azures) and the “Rustici” (rustics), that were created in 1933, and “Bombolo” (plump), the youngest cantiere are the “Nottambuli” (night owls), formed in 1961.


Every  year, in every Carnival edition, the cantieri compete in making a float inspired to a free subject.


This year the dates of the floats Parade are:

Sunday 09 February  at 3.00pm;

Sunday 16 February at 12:00pm;

Sunday 23 February at 12:00pm;

Sunday 02 March at 12:00pm;

Sunday 09 March at 15:00pm
Rificolonata, Testamento e Cremazione di Re Giocondo 475°

Ticket Prices:

Ordinary: € 8,00 – Kids under 12 years old: free – Family distount: 2 adults + one kid = € 13,00

Group discount more than 30 people: € 7,00 – 5 parades subscription: € 20,00

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Festival of White Truffle of San Miniato (Pisa) – 9-10, 16-17 and 23-24 November 2013

12 Oct


It’s again time of truffles, and Tuscany is one of the more suitable territory for the white precious tuber.

San Miniato is without any doubt the most important and popular truffles exhibition in Tuscany, and this year, it will take place on the weekend of 9-10, 16-17 and 23-24 of November.

This festival allows tourists to experience old Tuscan emotions and memories, and in addition to the truffles, during these 3 weekend it is possible to taste all the other local products, such as wine, cheese, olive oil, both in the stands of the festival than in the restaurants and trattorie of San Miniato and the surrounding area.


The weekend before the festival starts in San Miniato, in the near village of Montaione, the 26 and 27 of October there will be the Tartufesta, another traditional event dedicated to the white truffles. Sunday 27 October, at the cooking show of the Tarufesta Stefano Pisciaroli, young Chef of the PS Restaurant of Cerreto Guidi, will be present.


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Lucca Comics and Games Festival 2013 – from 31 October to 3 November 2013

6 Oct


Lucca Comics & Games is an international festival of comics, animation, illustration and games. The festival takes place every year, usually in October, in the beautiful city of Lucca, in Tuscany,#Italy.

The festival was launched in 1966. The event grew in size and importance over the years. It began in one small square in the center of Lucca, then in the 1980s was moved to a sports center outside the city walls. In 2006, for the 40th anniversary, the fair was moved back to the city center, with numerous tents and pavilions arranged in different squares within the #walls of this Medieval city. Visitors can now experience the world of comics alongside all of the history and fabulous restaurants of Lucca’s beautiful historic centre.


The festival is now so popular that, there are many curios people, not only the passionate of comics attending it. It is an opportunity to visit Lucca, really one of the more beautiful city in Tuscany.

With about 213,000 visitors in 2012, it is the second most popular comic fair in Europe (after the Angoulême Comics Festival, inFrance) and the third in the world (the first is the Comiket in TokyoJapan).


The old town of Lucca is easily reachable by car: exit Lucca on the motorway A11, 30 Minutes far from Florence. For young people, or who does not like to drive, there is the train. Lucca is 40 minutes from Florence Santa Maria Novella, on the line Florence-Viareggio. The train station is just out the old walls of the old town of Lucca, very convenient.
For more information about the festival:
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