About Vacavilla – Tailor made holiday homes rental agency

Vacavilla is a tailor made holiday homes rental agency of new generation. It has been founded by a staff of experts in the rentals business, which combines a strong technology base together with a deep knowledge of Tuscany and the more beautiful Italian destinations.

It is base near to Siena, from where Ludovico, Andrea, Susi and Saverio work hardly to select and offer  the more beautiful Villas and apartments at the best market price.

Vacavilla offers handpicked holiday homes in Tuscany, Veneto, Amalfi Coast, Umbria and Liguria. Countryside, beach and cities of arts. Private properties rich of charme and elegance.


Telephone: +39 0577 1656690
Fax: +39 0577 1656675
email: info@vacavilla.com


One Response to “About Vacavilla – Tailor made holiday homes rental agency”

  1. Ludovico Pieri December 31, 2011 at 2:14 pm #

    My name is Ludovico Pieri.
    I am an over sixty with the passion for Tuscany a quality villa rentals.
    I was born in Marradi, one of the beautiful villages of the Mugello valley, but I have been living in Florence since more than 40 years.

    Since the end of the sixites, I had started working with Cuendet. I can say I started the villas recruiting activities in Tuscany, but let’s say in Italy. I had worked for Cuendet until the 2008, when I left the company, as Recruiting Director, to retire.

    In reality, I did not want to stop my fantastic profession, and stop working in searching the best villas for the international Tuscany Lovers. On the contrary, I was determined to restart searching for the quality villas that in the past let became Cuendet famous in the world.

    That’s why, together with a group a specialized friends of me, coming Cuendet too, one years ago, I founded Vacavilla.

    The Vacavilla goal is to find the right house for our clientele. All our properties are hand-picked and selected in very rigorous way. Vacavilla is a real tailor-made agency, as we can work also following the clients requirements to search for his dream-house -in case he cannot find it in our generous portfolio.

    I am very proud of this new project, and I am sure Vacavilla will become one of the Tuscany rentals point of reference.

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