Greve in Chianti and the five things to visit

The five place to visit during a stay in Greve in Chianti.

The Matteotti square in Greve in Chianti

Greve_in_Chianti_Matteotti_square-Vacavilla_villa rentals

The square is the hearth of the village of Greve in Chianti. The main feature of square are the colonnades that enclose it. Under the colonnades there are restaurants, artisans shops, winery and the famous butcher shop of Falorni. The square hosts: the statue of Giovanni da Verrazzano, a famous Italian explorer, who was the first European to explore the Atlantic coast of North America, born in Greve in Chianti, and a beautiful work of Igor Mitoraj, just of the town hall. On Saturday morning, the square hosts the large coloured market, it’s a pleasant popular chaotic happening.

The Montefioralle Castle is 2 km far from the square of Greve in Chianti (20 minutes walking), on the road to Panzano.It is one of the oldest fortified castle in Chianti, built around the 930 a.c. During the Middle-Ages was one of the largest military hamlet of the area. It belonged to some of the most important Tuscan families such as Ricasoli, Benci, Gherardini and Vespucci. Now it is a car-free location where to walk together with your children, where discovering from the ancient passageways great views of the surroundings Vineyards. It is also a good starting point for bikers and hikers to move through the strade bianche di Toscana.


The Falorni butcher shop is much more than a place where to buy high quality meat product. It is a charming location where to experience lively the long tradition of the Tuscan food and lifestyle. Here it is possible to buy every kind of pork and wild pork salami and ham, great Fiorentina’s steaks, but also pecorino cheese and to make wine tastings both with the best Tuscan wines, including the best Super-Tuscans’. Easy to find, as it is located just under the colonnades of the Greve square.
The Pieve di San Leolino in Panzano in Chianti

The Pieve is a very charming, secluded place, full of works of art. Pieve was built in the twelfth century, has front porch of the sixteenth century. The interior has three naves with quadrangular pillars, adorned with numerous paintings by Tuscan school painters. It is located in a very beautiful location with an amazing view on the Chianti Vineyards.


The Pieve di San Cresci in Montefioralle

It is one of the oldest church of the Chianti area. The first document talking about the Pieve di San Cresci is dated 963. The original building had been modified many times during the centuries. Inside of the Church there is a paintings by Francesco Boldrini, of the Vergine del Rosario, dated 1715, and a holy Cross dated eighteenth century.

Greve in Chianti is of course much more than these 5 attractions. Greve is the capital of the Florence’s Chianti area, and the main beauty is done by the surroundings countryside. The hills of olives and Vineyards, stone-farmhouses and Villas.

It is not by chance, if Greve in Chianti is one of the main Italian countryside destination, where tourists likes to rent villas and stone-farmhouses and apartments all over the countryside.


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