Palazzo Pretorio Museum, Prato

10 Apr

The Palazzo Pretorio reopens after about twenty years the 12th of April 2014.

The building, dated 1200, has been completely restored and the beautiful and important paintings part of the collection, that in total includes 3000 works, comes back to visible in the new beautiful spaces.

Palazzo Pretorio shows the most important paintings, ordered according to a chronological sequence which tells the history of the city of Prato.

You can find there very great artists as Bernardo Daddi, Giovanni da Milano, Donatello, Filippo and Filippino Lippi, Alessandro Allori, Santi di Tito, Lorenzo Bartolini, Ardengo Soffici and Jacques Lipchitz.ImageImageImageImage

Visit Prato and Palazzo Pretorio, during your next stay in Tuscany. You can rent a villa with pool with Vacavilla. Call Susi or Andrea at   +39 0577 1656 690 or contact by mail at



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