Pisa celebrates the 950th anniversary of the foundation of its Cathedral, part of the Piazza dei Miracoli


During the 2014 the city of Pisa celebrates the 950th anniversary of the foundation of the Duomo of Pisa, with various activities and events.

The main of this is the conclusion of the refurbishment of the cathedral apsis.


Within the end of year also the refurbishment of the facade of the Sinopie Museum will be completed. In that way, the Christian Itinerary starting from the born (in the Baptistry), to the Christian life (into the cathedral with its own bell tower), to the pain (into the New Hospital) to finish with the death (in the Monumental Cemetery).

Between the events there will be the presentation of the new fitting of the Opera Museum and the exhibition ANGELI by Igor Mitoraj, that will start in May, involving also the Sinopie Museum with sculpture, paintings, drawings and chalks.

An extraordinary edition of Anima Mundi, the Holy music exposition is planned from September to Ocboter 2010.

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