14 #Tuscany products selected by Google for the portal #MadeinItaly

17 Feb


Google realized a Made in Italy portal to fight against the forgery. 14 Tuscany products have been selected to be part of this portal to represent the excellences of the Region.

Part of this made in Tuscany selection are:


ten products of the handicraft, some of them are famous, some others less, and for this reason important to be known, as the Grosseto’s saddles, also called “saddle buttera“, the goldsmith art from Arezzo, the Doccia’s porcelain, the Pistoia’s cymbals, the Empoli’s glass, the straw hat from Signa, the Montelupo’s porcelain, and the Lisio’s silk and the Tuscany tanning.


Between the excellences selected by google there are also agriculture products: the Chianti Classico wine, the Farro from Garfagnana, the Ham Dop and the olive oil “Terre di Siena” Dop.


The google schedule describe in Italian and English language the product, using high definition photos, video, historical documents, story, evidencing with the geolocalization the strenght with the territory and the local contest, where they are realized.


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