The chocolate valley – Andrea Slitti and Roberto Catinari, maitre chocolatier in the Pistoia province

13 Dec

The Chocolate valley. This is the appellative given to the Pistoia district, due to the born of many great quality artisanal chocolate laboratories born there in the last 30 years.

Roberto Cainari in Agliana, before and later Andrea Slitti in Monsummano Terme, are the two undisputed champions. They are known all over the world, thanks to the unreachable quality of their products, but many others good asrtisans opened in the same area chocolate shops and laboratories, producing excellent chocolate.


Andrea Slitti has won all the most prestigious international awards dedicated to cocoa and chocolate, from the Grand Prix International Chocolate in Paris (the largest worldwide competition dedicated to chocolate ) to the Culinary Olympics in Berlin, the Eurochocolate Award (basically the Oscars of chocolate) and the International Culinary Art in Salzburg, as well as being reported on best international guides chocolate.


The store of Andrea in Monsummano Terme is a paradise for lovers of cocoa and chocolate. It is possible to find: the tablets,  high-quality (up to 100% dark chocolate) cakes to soft, spreadable cream (at that proposal don’t miss the #Slittosa), cranberries of Canada, coffee beans and nuts covered (Avola almonds, sweet almond Puglia, Langhe hazelnuts). The shop offers also a tasting corner where you can sip coffee by turning the sugar with the traditional teaspoons of chocolate that will melt in the cup.

Roberto Catinari begins in Agliana, where the shop is still located. Roberto produces any kind of fantastic chocolate and cocoa product, but for sure the praline and the gianduia cake, as well as, the Easter eggs are its own strong suits. Taste the hand-made grappa-filled chocolates, the baskets of “chestnuts” and “mushrooms”, made of chocolate and hazelnut paste.
Some years ago, due to its great fame, Roberto Catinari decided to open also a shop in Florence, between the #Ponte_Vecchio and #Piazza_della_Signoria, to give the opportunity to the Florentines and to the international tourists to find its high quality chocolate easily, without being obliged to move to Agliana.
The name of the Florence shop is #Arte_del_Cioccolato.
Luca Mannori, maitre chocolatier, who won the World Championship with the Sette Veli cake, opened an Espace Mannori, in Agliana (Pistoia). It is a chocolate laboratory, where it is possible to attend courses and seminar, in addition to taste extraordinary chocolate.
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