Pictorial cycle of Filippo Lippi – Cappella Maggiore, Cathedral of Prato – Tuscany


The pictorial #cycle of Filippo Lippi occupies the #Cappella_Maggiore of the #Cathedral_of_Prato. It is one of the masterpieces of the #renaissance period, and it covers a a surface of 400 m2 (4,300 sq ft). It was painted, in the period from 1452 and 1465,  by Fra Filippo Lippi and his assistants, and between them, there was also #Fra_Diamante.


At the left (looking from the nave towards the high altar) there are the Stories of St. Stephen, the titular saint of the Duomo and patron saint of #Prato; at the right, there are the Stories of St.John the Baptist, the saint protector of nearby #Florence. The end wall, at the side of the stained glass window (also designed by Lippi), there are two saints in painted niches and, below, bent around the corners, on the left there is the martyrdom of St. Stephen, and on the right the one of St. John the Baptist (right). At the top, in the pendentives of the cross-vaults, are the four Evangelists.

Fra Filippo Lippi-ciclo_pittorico

The fresoes have been completed refurbished and re-opened to public in 2007.


The Cappella Maggiore can be visited from Monday to Saturday: 10,00-17,00. Sunday:  13,00-17,00
For further information telephone 0574 24112
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