From Donatello to Lippi. Officina Pratese – Palazzo Pretorio – Prato

23 Sep


The exhibition  ‘From Donatello to Lippi. Officina Pratese’, takes place in the refurbished museum of Palazzo Pretorio and has been curated by Andrea De Marchi and Cristina Gnoni Mavarelli.During the fifteenth century, in the early #renaissance, the major artists of the period operated in the city of Prato.

palazzo pretorio

Artists of the calibre of #Donatello, #Michelozzo, #Maso di #Bartolomeo, Paolo #Uccello, #Filippo #Lippi and his son #Filippino Lippi were called to realise the pulpit intended to show the relic of the Holy Belt, the frescoes in the Chapel of the Assumption and the Great Chapel, and other furnishings. To them, we must add the son of Fra Filippo, Filippino, who took his moves from Prato and there returned to work in his later years.


The exhibition shows a selection of works of great quality. Some of them are preserved in #Prato, but in different  #museums in Prato and some others came from foreign collections.


The exhibition is opened from the 13 September 2013 to the 13 January 2014. Contacts for information and bookings:


From the 17 of October a new precious paint arrives to enrich the From Donatello to Lippi exhibition. The title of the paint is  “The King Wise  #Gasparre sailing to the #Holy #land” by #Domenico di #Michelino o #Francesco #Di #Stefano known as #Pesellino.

Museo di Palazzo Pretorio

Piazza del Comune, 2 – 59100 Prato PO
Phone. 0574 – 1934996 

Opening Hours
Open every day from 10 to 19
Closed on Tuesdays and December 25

Take the opportunity of the “From Donatello to Lippi” exhibition to come to Prato, and visit also Il #Nuvo #Mondo by Paolo #Sacchetti, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 25, 59100 Prato, one of the best Italian patisserie, and the historical Biscottificio #Mattei Via Ricasoli, 20, 59100 Prato, where to find the original #cantuccini di #Prato.

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