Restaurant Caciosteria I Due Ponti – Pavana (Sambuca Pistoiese-Pistoia) Montagna Pistoiese – Tuscany

14 Jul


If you are travelling around Pistoia and the Montagna Pistoiese, or Porretta Terme, don’t miss to make a stop at the Restaurant I Due Ponti. Located on the road between Pistoia and Porretta (few kilometers far from Porretta), the Caciosteria offers a menu full of very genuine high quality products, in a nice and comfortable ambiance. The Osteria offers a great selection of wines, cheese and salami, that is also possible to buy to take away and taste at home. Everything is cooked in a way to enhance the flavour of the ingredients. Try the bolognese ragout or the gnudi with mozzarella and pesto, and between the main dishes the meat of cinta (wild pork, native from the Siena area). Also the desserts are very good, cheese cake, or the ricotta with pistache and vanilla. Domenico, one of the main cheese expert living in Tuscany, serves and give advises, and works also as pastry chef. His beautiful wife Betty, instead stays into the kitchen and she personally prepare the very tasteful menu.

One of the frequenter of the Osteria is Francesco Guccini, a very famous italian singer (cantautore) who lives very close to the Caciosteria. If you are lucky you can find him there.

The address of the Casciosteria is Pavana area, Ponte della Venturina, 47, Sambuca Pistoiese Province of Pistoia
Phone: +39 0573 892520.
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