Florence: dinner with show at Teatro del Sale

31 Dec

This night I attended the Maria Cassi show “Crepapelle” at the Teatro del Sale, in Florence.

The Teatro del sale is a unique place in Florence, where it is possible to have a dinner (or a lunch or brunch) and after to assist to a live show.

The food is prepared live by the Fabio Picchi’s kitchen staff. Picchi is the chef of the famous Il Cibreo, one of the best restaurant in Florence. The Teatro del Sale is not a traditional restaurant where the waiters serve the dishes on the tables, but the guests receive them directly from the kitchen windows, after the chef informed “shouting” it is ready.

Semolino gnocchi, polenta with herbs, chicken with potatoes, risotto alla fiorentina, paccheri with tomato, meatballs with capperi, trippa and lampredotto alla fiorentina, chocolate cake with cream, and many other things, but the menu can change every day.

The food is always special and very typical.

The Maria Cassi show “Crepapelle” has been very very funny. Maria Cassi is a very good actress who drives the spectactors in a travel from Florence to Paris and back.

Crepapelle is one of the different shows Maria Cassi performs at the Teatro del Sale.

In few words, if you want to live a nice evening in Florence, doing something special. The Teatro del Sale is a place you will love.

The price is affordable: 30€ per person (no limits dinner and show included), 20€ for the lunch/brunch. The only neo is that to have access to the Teatro del sale you have to pay a fee and become a member of it. The fee is valid one year long and it is 7€ for the foreigners or the under 27, whilst the Italians pay 11€.


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