Wassily Kandinsky at Palazzo Blu in Pisa, Tuscany

More than 50 works on show until Feb 3

The Blue Palace hosts the exhibition “Wassily Kandinsky, from Russia to Europe” which has started on October 13th and lasting until February 3rd. It displays around 50 works by the famous Russian painter,  known as the father of abstract painting. Most of them will be comes from the St. Petersburg museum and other importanr Russian art institutions.
The exhibition celebrates the twenty years from 1901, the year in which Kandinsky gave up his law and ethnographic studies which brought his attention to the traditional and original peoples of the Russian empire and decided to turn to painting, to 1922 when he decided to abandon Soviet Russia even though he was a supporter in the first years of the revolution, and in turn accepted Walter Gropius’ offer to teach along side Paul Klee at the Bauhaus in Germany.

Opening the exhibition is a fascinating section dedicated to the visual and conceptual roots which form the basis of Kandinsky’s work, replete with rare objects belonging to the shaman.

The show has guiding the visitor through an artistic journey, beginning with the early work of a symbolist nature, to the paintings from his Murnau period (displayed alongside select paintings by Gabriele Munter, Alex Jawlensky, Marianne Werefkin and Arnold Schonberg), up until the great works which recognize Kandinsky as being the point of reference for the western Avant Garde, taken from the Der Blaue Reiter and other major protagonists of the Russian Avant-Garde.

The exhibition is curated by Eugenia Petrova, director of the museum of St. Petersburg and in collaboration with Claudia Beltramo Ceppi, promoted by the Blue Palace Foundation, with the backing of the City of Pisa and organized by the Joint Arts Exhibitions and Museums.
For more information: www.palazzoblu.org
… another good reasons to come to Tuscany to spend your new year eve.


  1. Wassily Kandinsky at Palazzo Blu in Pisa? I am thinking of an exam of German literature I took.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You have a nice blog.

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