Il Nuovo Mondo by Paolo Sacchetti, one of the best Italian Patisserie, an hidden gem in Prato, Tuscany

16 Nov

Pesche di Prato

Discerning travellers moving to Tuscany, good food lovers, people ever searching hidden gems are highly recommended to visit “Il Nuovo Mondo Pasticceria”  by Paolo Sacchetti. Paolo is a well known maitre patissier. He is the 2012 italian champion but despite that, as he sells his marvelous patisserie only in his shop in Prato, and as Prato is not one of the most important Italian cities and a touristic destination, it is correct to consider “Il Nuovo Mondo” an hidden gem to be discovered.

The shop window of his patisserie like a paint. It is so beautiful that also just watching it is a unique pleasure, but the real experience, of course, is tasting cakes, pastries and cakes.

Most of the cakes changes according to the seasons’ changes (panettoni, Easter colombe etc), but you can ever find millefoglie, chese cakes with meringue and strawberries, Savarin or Paris-Brest and many other delicacies. I wish anyway to suggest my “not to be missed favourits”: 1) Pesche di Prato; 2) Giulebbe; 3) Caramelized Millefoglie with strawberry.

The Patisserie “Il Nuovo Mondo” is located in one of the main street of the downtown, very close to the Prato Cathedral. The address is   Via Garibaldi, 25 and the telephone number is 0574 27765. The patisserie is closed every Sunday morning, and Monday.



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