Florence, Palazzo Strozzi – The Thirties. The Arts in Italy Beyond Fascism

From  the 22 September 2012 to the 27 of January 2013, organized by  Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi; curated by Antonello Negri with Silvia Bignami, Paolo Rusconi, Giorgio Zanchetti and Susanna Ragionieri for the section on Florence, The Anni ’30, Arti oltre il fascismo, is the new exhibition held in Florence.

Italy in the 1930s, when Fascism held sway, was the scene of an extremely vigorous artistic battle in which every style from classicism to Futurism, from expressionism to abstract art, and from monumental art to decorative painting for the bourgeois home was involved. The situation was further complicated by the arrival on the scene of design and mass communication—posters, radio, the cinema and the first illustrated magazine—which stole numerous ideas from the “fine” arts and transmitted them to a broader audience. It was this complex and lively workshop, open to the international scene that introduced the concept of modernity to Italy.

The exhibition explores the 1930s through the masterpieces of over  forty leading artists of the period, with Mario Sironi,  Alberto Savinio, Achille Funi, Carlo Carrà, Corrado Cagli, Arturo Nathan, Achille Lega, Ottone Rosai, Ardengo Soffici, Filippo de Pisis, Ram,  Antonio Donghi, Marino Marini, Giorgio Morandi, Giorgio de Chirico, Renato Guttuso, Carlo Levi,  Scipione, Thayaht, Antonio Maraini and Lucio Fontana, showing 99 paintings, 17 sculptures and 20 objects of design. They tell the story of a crucial era characterised by an extremely vibrant and innovative arts scene. The 1930s also represented the increasing mass production of household objects, which led to strong changes in people’s lifestyle, allowing normal families to live out a dream of modernity surrounded by designer objects, a practice that continues until day. It was the age that defined what we might call “the Italian path to modernity” in architecture, design, painting and sculpture through an original interpretation of the stimuli coming from the broader European context (France, Germany,  Scandinavia and Russia) together with the return to an Italian (14th and 15th century) tradition.

The Thirties. The Arts in Italy Beyond Fascism provides another opportunity to show the strong bond linking Palazzo Strozzi with the Italian history and the history of Florence. It is an interactive exhibition. A series of special areas allow visitors to explore some of the key issues, such as mass communication (the Radio Studio, the Reading Room ), industrial design (the Design section) and artistic creativity (interactive touchtable) in an involving and stimulating manner. It has a broad programme of educational activities held in the Palazzo, collateral events involving the city Florence and the Tuscany region.

Info  Tel. + 39 055 2645155

Opening times Daily 9.00-20.00 – Thursdays 9.00-23.00
Tickets sold until one hour before closing time.

Tickets Full price € 10.00 – Concessions € 8.50, 8.00, 7.50 – Schools € 4.00 – Buy on-line

Reservations Sigma CSC Tel. +39 055 2469600 prenotazioni@cscsigma

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