Madonna shoots his new video in Mugello, Florence (Tuscany)

28 Jun

FLORENCE, ITALY – An old gas station in Mugello  has been chosen by Madonna to shoot his new video ‘Turn up the radio’. The blond pop star has held a concert Saturday night at the stadium ‘Franchi’ in Florence, the Tuscan capital.

She was out today from the St. Regis luxury hotel in the heart of the city, for going to Mugello. Black suit, sunglasses and dark band in her hair, Madonna, protected by bodyguards, entered into a car with tinted windows, hailed by fans.

The ‘gorilla’ also opened umbrellas to ‘defend’ the star from the objectives of the paparazzi. Then, with a procession of four cars, she was directed towards the Mugello, a beautiful valley few Kilometres north of Florence, to shoot the video where she used also a Cadillac Eldorado. Madonna went to Galliano a little Tuscany Village, shooting his video in the main square and in the ancient church.

Part of the video should be shot in the center of Florence.

Last night, meanwhile, Madonna has visited privately the Uffizi Gallery and the Vasari Corridor, opened especially for you, son, partner and staff.t

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