Pietrasanta the Versilian capital of art

8 May

Pietrasanta is the most important cultural centre in Versilia, which thanks to local workshop and atelier, mantains alive the important artisan tradition. There are many firms specialized in the artistic-mosaic sector and in the artistic-foundries. This rich artistic context attracted  many italian and foreigner artists that have chosen Pietrasanta as the place where to work. Most of them also have participated to the urban fittings with the works and deeds of gifts. Between them, Fernando Botero is for sure the more famous, and his paunchy warrior guards the entrance to the village. Igor Mitoraj and Giuliano Vangi are others important contemporary artistists living in Pietrasanta.  
  From the fortress it is possible to ovelook the downtown of Pietrasanta. The Cathedral with its red bell-tower, Maroni palace, St. Augustine precious front, Hours tower. The Misericordia Church hosts two beautiful frescos by Botero: the Paradise and the Evil.
The poet Giosue Carducci was born in 1835 a few kilometres away from Pietrasanta, in the district of Valdicastello, where his house has been declared National Monument. Giosue Carducci received the Literature Nobel Prize in 1906. He moved to Pietrasanta with his family when he was only 3 years old, remained however attached to his land of birth, which he mentioned several times in his verses.  
In the furrow of a tradition that dates back to Michelangelo and has seen this part of Tuscany cultivate the art of sculpture, the Sketches Museum is a real proof of the role played by Pietrasanta and Versilia as key international reference for the people operating in this artistic field. The sketches and the models represent the original idea before its translation into completed work of art. They are made in the many different materials such as chalk, wood, terracotta, paper, etc.  
  Pietrasanta now is a very trendy destination. The street of the downtown are full of beautiful of art-gallery, antique, boutique and nice bar and restaurants. During the weekend and in summertime, the streets of Pietrasanta are full of people populating the also the tables of the good restaurants. For the good food lovers a special mentions goes to: Osteria Marcucci, such as Ristorante Pinocchio, and Filippo. La Martinatica is also a good place, just out of the center of Pietrasanta.Rent a self-catering villa or an apartment with pool is the best way to enjoy a holiday in Versilia. Vacavilla offers a wide range of villas and apartment in Pietrasanta, Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi and in other Versilian villages.





2 Responses to “Pietrasanta the Versilian capital of art”

  1. MICHAEL BAUCHE May 19, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    I was in Pietrasanta today, it is very beautiful – the artisanship of the church brought many emotions to the surface. I was not impressed however, with the crooked parking enforcement who ripped me off because I am a Canadian tourist. The bogus 40 euro fine took money directly out the hands of local merchants. I will not be making a return visit or bring my business back – SHAME!

    • vacavillarentalsitaly May 21, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

      Michael, I know very well Pietrasanta, as a friend of mine has a holiday home nearby, and I have the opportunity to go there quite often. I regret you have this unfortunate experience there. The local police is very strict in assessing all the cars, not only the foreigners’ ones, in the parking around the town.
      If I understand they have to preserve the few parking places during the high season, I think the Municipality should be much more flexible in this period. I hope you will have better experience, receiving a “warm welcome and thanks for coming” in the other places you will visit during you Italian holidays.

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