Mystery in Tuscany

20 Apr

 Tuscany is a  rich artistic heritage, its enchanting landscapes and the food and wine of the area make it a destination that attracts millions of tourists each year from all over the world. Many of them  settle for the classic tour: Firenze-Siena-Pisa, skipping other many interesting cultural and historic areas.
Some of the mysterious destinations are:
Volterra, where the first witches ever used magic spells and formulas. Custodians of ancient Etruscan rituals, their spells were able to bring about love, hate and explore the depths of the human soul. Volterra and witchcraft have had a relationship that goes back hundreds of years. In the city there is a Via delle Streghe and a stone outside the city walls that marks the spot where people would meet up for the Saba  of the Mandriga witches.
Chiusdino following the path of the knight and saint Galgano Guidotti and his sword in the stone, which has been kept for 800 years in the Rotonda of  Montesiepi. Followers of King Arthur will discover that the origins of this myth comes from the heart of Tuscany. A knight who was very violent and who then became a saint Galgano Guidotto left his mark on our collective imagination of knights. The abbey, not far from the Rotonda, is a magical place with the sky for a roof.
 The Rotonda has the most famous mathematical rules at its base: Pi and the constant of Fidia, or the Aureo Numero. The abbey on the other hand, through a complex manipulation of the natural environments, was built to be a heavenly Jerusalem in Tuscany.
Galgano Guidotti had many fans. He became a saint after only four years after his death, and a strong community formed around him. Even Emperor Federico Barbarossa came to pay his respects to his sword. After a while, however, his innovative and pacifist spirit weakened. The Cistercense monks abandoned the place and moved to Siena. The abbey went in decadence and became a farming warehouse at one point. The lead supports that were part of its structure were sold for weapons, which led the roof to fall.
So what link is there between King Arthur and Galgano? Galgano stuck his sword in a stone to make a cross to pray at. Arthur extracted it to form his kingdom. Whilst Arthur was an imaginary character, Galgano has imporant proof that he existed. The papers that led to his canonization  can be found in the Vatican Archives. Scientific analysis on the sword reveals that it is from the twelfth century. Do you know that one of the knights of the round table was called Galvano?
Monteriggioni is the crown of Italy where on dark nights you can hear the screaming cry of a ghost in pain. According to some people it’s Captain Giovannino Zeti, the protagonist of an historic episode that marked the end of the common era. In 1554, Florentine troops stormed Monteriggioni. A cannon shot destroyed a well, making it unusable for water. Captain Zeti waited to see if Monteriggioni would give up or keep fighting. Zeti decided to give up but due to his decision he was accused of betrayal. Monteriggioni offers the possibility to make a tour  along the walls of the city, which led Dante to write in the Divine Comedy:  Monteriggioni is crowned by towers.
The best way to live Tuscany and also to visit this amazing mysterious places is to rent a villa with swimminpool in the Tuscany countryside, better if it is in countryside around Siena. Beautiful stone casali, sometimes called agriturismo.
Rent a self catering holiday home with Vacavilla. Weekly rentals or shortbreaks to experience the Tuscany also its mysteries.
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Ludovico Pieri

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