D’après Canova exhibition in Carrara

11 Apr

From June 25th 2011 to June 25th 2012 the exhibition “D’après Canova. L’800 a Carrara. L’Accademia e i suoi maestri” will be displayed at Palazzo Binelli in Carrara.

The exhibition wishes to restore to rightful critical consideration a sculptural tradition which ideally stems from the work of Antonio Canova, but which developed in original ways through the teaching of Lorenzo Bartolini and Thorvaldsen.

The exhibition presents 26 plaster casts, chosen on the basis of historical criteria and the importance of their preservation from among the numerous works owned by the Academy. The result is a showcase of tastes and trends in Italian 19th-century sculpture, which also retraces the Institute’s illustrious history through significant episodes. The works on display by Benedetto Cacciatori, Carlo Finelli and Pietro Tenerani are further emblems of Carrara’s excellence in sculpture.

It also focuses new and closer attention on the collection of plaster casts held by the Academy of Fine Arts, and will hopefully favor its permanent installation in those rooms where it was created from its foundation and where for many centuries it bore active testimony to the importance of the Institute, the city and its very distinctive culture of marble.If you need more informationhttp://www.fondazionecrcarrara.com/

 If you are interested in visiting this beautiful and interesting exhibition in Carrara, the marble city, rent an apartment or a villa with swimmingpool in the Riviera Apuana or in the glamorous Versilia. Forte dei Marmi is few minutes far from Carrara, such as Pietrasanta and Camaiore.
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