The Forte dei Marmi market moves to Prato

15 Jan

Today the famous and glamour market organized in Forte dei Marmi (the luxury destination located in Versilia) Sunday summer has moved to Prato, in the Cathedral square.

The market is in front of the marvelous Cathedral of Prato, where one of the most important fresco by Filippo Lippi is hosted.

The Pratesi could buy at home the cashmere pullovers, linen and towels which makes the Forte dei Marmi market famous also out of Tuscany. It is a good opportunity also for people coming from out of Prato to visit the market of Forte dei Marmi, and in the occasion, also the downtown of Prato.

The castle of Federico Barbarossa, the Basilic of Santa Maria delle Carceri projected by Giuliano da Sangallo, the Opera del Duomo museum, Palazzo Pretorio. The Civic museum closed since more than 10 years, is going to re-open soon.

Prato is the city of Filippo Lippie and it is reach of paintings of XIV and XV century.

Prato means also “cantuccini”. It is possible to buy the original in the Biscottificio Mattei. Very famous is also “Il nuovo mondo” of Paolo Sacchetti, one of the best pasticceri in Italy. Try the Giulebbe cake,  the Prato’s peach or any other cake. They are simply fantastic.

Ludovico Pieri



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