Viareggio Carnival 2012

14 Jan

The Viareggio Carnival was born in 1873 when some of the Viareggio “signori” organized a Sunday a little different from the rest, by inventing a procession of decorated floats which was travelling on the main street of the Tuscany city.

On that occasion, a number of citizens organized a masked protest, as they were forced to pay too many taxes and as a result the chief tax collector was certainly made fun of!!

The parade had a lot of success both by the patrons than by the citizens and the idea of making floats tinterpreting humour and disatisfaction of the people came about in that year. Since then Viareggio has become the capital of the Italian Carnival, with its masked parades of allegorical floats papermache-made.

The floats are real works of art. The local float makers dedicate an entire year of workmanship. All the politicians, entertainers, or intellectuals have been a targets (protagonists) of one of these floats which almost comes to life during the parade by the moving arms, opening and closing mouths and rolling eyes. On every float young people and children find a place from which to throw confetti and shooting stars to the crowd. During the entire Carnival period masked balls and parties in the various “rioni” (quarters, districts) are organized as well as numerous sports and cultural events i.e. “Torneo Internazionale giovanile di calcio The official Viareggio Carnival mask is the “Burlamacco”, a clown which wears clothes taken from other Italian masks: checkered overalls, taken from the Harlequin’s costume, a white ponpon stolen from Pierrot’s big puffy blouse, a white gorget – “Captain Scary” style, a red headband and a black mantle. The name Burlamacco derives from Buffalmacco a Florentine painter and a character in the “Decamerone”. However, it is also said to be linked to the Lucchese surname Burlamacchi.

In 2012, the parades start on February the 5th and termites on Saturday March the 3rd.

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Ludovico Pieri


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