A tailor made villa rentals service

7 Jan

Vacavilla is tailor-made villa rentals service. This is an innovative service given in this business. The clients submit their holiday home requirements and the Vacavilla team, thanks to his own experience and knowledge of the market, search and find the dreamed holiday home.
At the moment Vacavilla can offer more than 200 properties in Tuscany, Veneto and Amalfi Coast. Luxury and countryside villas represent the main part of the holiday homes portfolio, but also the apartments in Venice, instead of some beautiful apartments or indipendent home on the Tuscany sea.
Search a villa on the Vacavilla.com and after make a comparison on another website. You will see, Vacavilla offers the best price.
The staff is composed by: Ludovico Pieri (CEO), Andrea Bartalini (Managing Director), Saverio Vigni (IT Director) and Susi Bottai (contract and properties contract and coordinator).
The Vacavilla website: http://www.vacavilla.com offers the possibility to make on-line direct booking, but you can also send an email or telephon and submit them your request.
Make your request and you receive an ansewer back in few minutes.
All the Vacavilla villa rentals are handy-picked up, to spend “Vacanze in Villa”, with family, friends or just in two. Tuscany lifestyle is your target, gastronomy, wine, chocolate, honey, culture, arts, beaches, hills, mountain, snow, lake.
Vacavilla is certain to give to everybody the real best market price. The important thing is to contact the Vacavilla team, and a special surprise will be certainly reserved to you.
Vacavilla, Siena, Colle Val d’Elsa, Via Spuntone, 8. Send an email or book on line to obtain the best price.

Ludovico Pieri
CEO Vacavilla Srl





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